Ellen 32 Chi Wild Executive

Name: Ellen
Age: 32
Race: Chinese
Looks: 7.5/10
Height: 1.67m
Weight: 50kg
Vital stats: 32B 27 33
Damage: 350 1hr/2
Car Date: 150/1
Rejection Fee: 50
Accept all Races
WhatsApp/Sms 83118096 for more details with Nick, Race and Age


Ellen FRs

[QUOTE=blackhawk888;18268607]Had a car date last week… good experience I would say

look: 8/10 (I love OL)
BOdy: 8/10
BBJ: 9/10

I would say she is very engaging and to break the ice. Would love to try FJ next time.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=gary_;15146845]Shall Pen down a FR summary for Ellen.

Last week, breathless,

I have managed for a slot for Ellen.
Appointment set confirmed on that day went to meets her at where the agent arrange.

Upon reaching the hotel meet Ellen while walking to the room. I was too excited to ram her as she wearing a tight skirt n her ass is bounding from left n right when she is walking Infront of me. Once inside the room we french I have to admit, she has quite a nice ass. Lucky guy for me. I stripped her dress down I was surprised she did not wear any G-string it just make me go crazy. while kissing her n pushing my finger inside her juicy pussy, She was dripping wet n her pussy had no hair n I slowly spree open her leg and slowly push my tongue towards her pussy. Ellen pussy was amazing and I started licking n eating her like crazy. I put my tongue inside her pussy n one finger in her ass n started rubbing her clits n she gave a light moan. Ellen start to bj me & play with my balls, which felt really good, as I can feel that warm sensation building up n ask Ellen to stop but she keep sucking hard n without any warning, I shoot my 1st shoot of cum past her face, as she quickly go down on my bro as I already unload the remaining juice I got left into her boobs n I huffed n puffed, breathlessly away.

while both of us are taking a rest. I feel myself getting hard again, Ellen is very nice & sweet, she ask my permission to touch my hard bro, I sure her experience must have taught her well n she stroke it n is really heavenly, she asked if I could cum again. I happily told her, why not we give it a try. My dick was hard n I ask Ellen to spread her leg wide open for me i started rubbing it in her pussy entrance, I was rubbing and the intense pressure was uncontrollably and I just slip right into her pussy n missonary her.

I turn her over and start doggy pose. As I could see her boobs hanging from the big mirror of the hotel n enjoy every moment when I ramming her from behind in doggie. I was so busy ramming in her ass building in speed and intensity until I’m ramming her ass so hard. The slapping sound of our bodies onto her ass was loud. I began to feel that intense pressure building up in my broI could no longer take it anymore, n Ellen wanted me to cum inside her as she was moaning loud asking me to fuck her harder, until I let out my bullet inside her lovely juicy pussy. Ellen Suprise me she pull out the rubber and lick every drop on my bro.

IMO Ellen is very sporting n enjoys sex give me a gf feeling, she able to wet through the whole sessions. Even after I fired 2nd shot Ellen is still strong n energizer.

Looks: 7.5/10
body: Nicely Ass for doggy lover.
Boobs: Nice to sucks nipple
BBJ: Sucks & blows with good sucking power.
Gff: 8/10

Kiss: 9/10 enjoying kissing

Licking: 8/10 No Smelly juicy pussy

Doggy: 9.5/10 nice ass can ram hard

overall services: 8.5/10.really enjoyed myself.
Rtf: of course yes. Try 2 times[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=graphe;15165526]Good service from the agent, prompt replies and arrangement at short notice.

She was waiting in the room when I arrived, and greeted me warmly and politely.

I had already showered before I arrived, so Ellen showered while I waited.

She helped with the warm up by starting with a BBBJ.
Moved on to missionary – cowgirl – finished with doggie.

For those looking for a friendly, accommodating FL with a sincere attitude, Ellen is your lady.

Face : 7.5/10

Body : 7.5/10 – Curvy and Warm

BBBJ : 8.5/10

GFE : 9/10 – No time watching, open and easy to talk to

FJ : 8.5/10[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=shakshak;15234572]Tried Ellen a couple of days back for a car date. OKT is fast to arrange kudos to him.

When I met her, she was very quick to break ice and totally felt at ease with her. Very high GFE 😁.

Quickly got into action whilst in the empty car park. My hands were all over her body and discovered she was spotting a super sexy g-string. BBBJ and released by HJ as I took quite a while 😬. Exciting and accomplishing car date with Ellen!

Looks: OL with tinted longish hair, 7.5

Bod: handful to grab and hold. Nice boobs and bums! 8.5

BBBJ: 8.0

HJ: 8.0

GFE: 9.0

She was kind enough to offer me a ciggie after the act as I ran out of smokes.

RTCD: of course![/QUOTE]

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