Carter 21 Chi Petite Lover(SYT)☆Car Date☆ (New Pic)

Name: Carter
Age: 21
Race: Chinese
Looks: 7.5/10
Height: 1.56m
Weight: 42kg
Vital stats: 33B 24 33
Damage: 350 1hr/1
Rejection Fee: 50
Accept all Races
WhatsApp/Sms 83118096 for more details with Nick, Race and Age.1482252699482.jpg
Carter FRs
[QUOTE=bastardball;15261321]Tried carter not too long ago….first look from far syt n got nice slim body with cute racks to boot. When i took a closer look at her…realized that i met her before as she was under the agent lovelygirl a few years back. She did blosoom into more womanly but still look cute.
But she feels more malay than chinese to be precise….due to fact that she is mix and the way she talk more towards malay accent. I have to say her bbbj still needs lots of training…not to my standard n preference n i had to finish off the deed myself. She allows cim but not cof. Playful young thing who seem to be earning for love and someone to care for her.
Rtf…unlikely as i try to avoid doing so due to limited funds n lots of girls out there to try.:)[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=ImmatureBoy;15582688]look like normal sec skool gal or ITE

aim to please

looks 7/10
BBj 9/10 – aim 2 please
fuck job 8/1- – hard working

service overall 8/10[/QUOTE]

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